For a long time I have not met such openness and warmth, not only from the couple themselves, but also from all the guests! The cosiness started right in the morning! From the fees of Natasha’s bride!) There was the same style of photography that I expect with every new wedding!) In the morning, I literally like a ninja or an invisible man, walked around the hotel room and no one paid attention to it. But this is really the most important thing! The bride and guests should be themselves, not strain and not think, but how to get up to take a picture?) You need to completely surrender to your day and enjoy it! And from that you get more “live” photos! This is probably the most important advice that I would like to give to each pair! Naturally, it still can’t do without my tips) After all, this is the first day in the life of these two people, who, in fact, do not know what will happen at all! They are in a slight trance from the events around them! And my task is to help them relax, because experience allows!) In general, this day was cool!) Everything went in one breath!)